There is no silver bullet solution with Cyber Security, a layered defense is the only viable defense”. - James Scott

About us

Our services are structured into layered modules to enable even the smallest of business or individual to start small and built It over time. We monitor and track your assets supplying you with reports, flags or notifications of threats and attacks.

  • We are not only an IT Support Company. We are a device (servers, handsets, workstations), Internet, Data Security Support and Services Provider.
  • We SECURE, RESTORE, SETUP and then MAINTAIN your System Security.
  • We manage digital information securely and effectively.
  • We centralise data resources as part of a data management plan.
  • We backup digital information as a strategic plan to secure your data and maintain the “business-as-usual" principle.
  • We supply 3 different modules of IT Support and Security Services where a customer can start small and build towards an even more effective, service orientated and safer environment as the value of their assets and data increases and more funds become available. 

We would love to talk with you

Whether you are an large enterprise or SMME, considering working with us, we’d like to help solve your data challenges.