Plans and Pricing

We offer scaled pricing options for IT support, remote protection and backup of data and devices. SecureMyData offers different levels of pricing to meet the needs of businesses of different sizes.

Security Support (Businesses, Schools & Departments) for 3 Workstations

  1. Monthly Support 24/7
  2. Monitoring & Real time control 24/7
  3. Supply 3x Premium Antivirus Licences for one year
  4. Defensive Security strategy
  5. Malware Protection
  6. Firewalls
  7. Router & Wi-Fi Security Support
  8. Supply Licenced Monitoring Software for 3x Workstations
  9. Fix all Security issues as per Risk Assessment Report
  10. Client supply adequate Internet connection and hardware for backup purposes such as Nas-drives.
  11. Client supply Cloud account for backup or alternatively we can supply Cloud backup service at an extra cost.

Price without Cloud backup service = R985/month

Additional Services for 3 Workstations

  1. Cloud service = R235/month for 1TB storage
  2. Monthly backups = R155/month
  3. Weekly backups = R175/month
  4. Daily backups = R199/month
  5. Mobile device Security such as smartphones, tablets, mobile routers = R199/device
  6. Thorough Risk Assessment to establish Security Risks in office or any other environment = R1150 This cost will fall away when applying for Security Support Service

IT Support (Businesses, Schools & Departments) for 3 Workstations

  1. Full IT Support 24/7
  2. Monitoring & IT Management Real time control 24/7
  3. Remote, telephonic & onsite support
  4. Software & Hardware Support
  5. Network Support
  6. Server Support

Additional Services for 3 Workstations

  1.  Client supply adequate Internet connection
  2. Client supply hardware or we supply hardware at additional cost
  3. Client supply own Software such as Windows

In case of additional computers to be added, please contact us for an affordable quote.

Staff Training regarding System Security, Data Security, Emails, Web Browsers and more is of utmost importance because YOU are the WEAKEST LINK in Computer Security. No matter how strong your Firewalls, Intrusion Detection Systems, Cryptography and Anti-Virus Software is, “The weakest link in the security chain is the human element” – Kevin Mitrick