“If you spend more on coffee than on IT Security you will be hacked. What more you deserve to be hacked” - Richard Clarke

“If you spend more on coffee than on IT Security you will be hacked. What more you deserve to be hacked” - Richard Clarke

Practical Implications of our Services?

Procedure in terms of Data Security options and Data Backup

Practical implications of our services?

As soon as the client is registered with our Services, a full risk assessment of the Server/Workstation/Resources will be done to establish the following:

How valuable data/information is distributed between Servers and Workstations.

Whether the Internet connection is sufficient, sustainable and reliable to set an acceptable response time.

Whether the existing Internet security is sufficient, sustainable, reliable and updated to industry standards.

What Security measures should be implemented which apply to the clients elected Plan (see our different options).

Once the basic security measures have been taken, your valuable information is centralized on a single Server or Workstation. This simplifies the Security of your data including backups. As important information is created on the existing network, it will be stored on a selected server or computer.

Centralised data can be much better protected, thereby reducing risk further.









Employees requiring access to specific data are granted such access through the creation of User Accounts and Permissions. This preventing unauthorised access to sensitive information.

Now SecureMyData follow with a comprehensive assessment to establish the backup requirements for business or private data in consultation with the client and also in terms of existing legislation that requires businesses to store data.

Finally, SecureMyData becomes a primary role player in securing the client's Server or

   Workstation to protect and maintain a high level of Security making use of several licensed top Security 

   products available.

Automation capabilities of these licensed products are being used to ensure that Security of high standard is maintained including regular and secure backups. Regular backup restore tests are undertaken to ensure data integrity.

Security and System logs are constantly monitored configuring audits using sophisticated products that identify intrusions and serious threats such as viruses or malware infections in a timely manner. We are addressing those threats in good time.

Threats, risk and affirmative action are communicated to the client on a regular basis.  

   Threats are already taken care of even before the client is aware.

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